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Clan Books - Scottish and Irish

Scottish and Irish Family Names

Are you curious about your clan or family name?
Are you interested in finding out more about your Scottish or Irish clan and your roots?

Clan Books is just the right place. With over 500 Scottish and Irish family names Clan Books is bound to help you find your family surname and discover your family history. Our Clan mini books are easy to read, independently researched, accurate, affordable and most of all fun to read. Discover if your family were cattle rustlers or potato farmers, aristocrats, preachers or laymen...........or something else?

Bulk Discounts

Order your own clan mini books today and trace your family background. Why not order one for all your family members. We offer discounts for 6 packs or 10 packs so you get better value shipping too.

Family Name not listed?

If your clan name is not listed let us know and we will try and create one.
If your family name originates from elsewhere in the UK, say Welsh or Cornish, we will try to create a clan book for your family.

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